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Predator's Love

Professional love level for the times. Maximum love. Maximum Glory to The Most High God of Unconditional Love and Light. 

We praise and give honor to thee in all things; so shall thy will be done, not my will by thine will be done in all things.

From hope, and dreams to Quatum Reality!

Local initiatives

Healing Team

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Global Outreach

After Home Secure!

Gold Liquid

What We Offer

3D printing... been there done that.

This is quatum printing and imprinting where gold and Self- reflective, Self evident truths As taught by Jesus, For I am Sananda the second coming. Has come. I Am here, I am here... now with you and the second name that I shall have as mentioned in the Holy Scriptures. Is this I am Sananda Christ has returnes and I am come for mines.

I shall do no harm, but nor will I take any shit! If it's not love, then its not of me or mine. Next!
- Sananda Christ

Wedding Decorations

Why Choose God's Love?

Smart Homes

Reinventing Communities by strengthening stronger family ties and real building: that creates an actually legacy with real proof tangible evidence and lasting communal and interpersonal development that creates loving relationships that actually move toward peace and wholeness now and for generations for years to come.

Food for Thought

Sustainable and wholesome food for all of America starting first with members of Smart homes and later further distributed to all. In the event of global calamity of any sort we will secure our provisions and subsequently any reserves will be distributed to global efforts. No one country should go hungry another has; not in usury but in solidarity with assistance to self-sustainable so that one is depending on another for anything except the "Most High God".

Boys to Men, Men to Leaders, Girls to women, Women to Mothers

This is not education but a reintroduction to the truth you already are. Deep inside, There is nothing new to teach because there is nothing new under the son. The standard light bulb that illuminates a room do the same thing as the sun. In that it adds light. The only difference is how far the light reaches...the overall impact and intensity.  Thusly who you are is a factions of who you are in you truth of course everything you think you know supports that limited version of self. Hince the false teaching and the false teacher. Here is the abode of truth knowledge and wisdom. And no expansive truth is not for everyone. The question is...Is it right for you. 

I AMethyst 

Clear Culinary

Hollistic Chill; where the pill is real. A square meal and a place to hill with others who also choose to not take any more poison pills. 

Recreation, Redirection, Self correction. Fun, you remember fun.

Learning to cook and bless food for the safety and well-being of yourself and others. Here it's okay to eat from the land that God provided. Food that strengthens and sustains. 

We Keep Top Notch Materials


“She loss, loss, loss and loss some more. Listened to so many tell her she was victim. And then God spoke and revealed the truth.  You can however be convinced of it; because you have something to lose. Whether you want to recognize it or not. I gave you everything only with me can you have it and keep it. No one else sees you like I do. And so, they can only take from you, so they have all the while convincing you it's not yours. What Master are you claiming heart centered; mic -drop!

Losteria Hightop

Chief Product Officer

How to catch a fish?  You can use bait but to get a very unique fish you have to muddy the water. The fish will get lost even thoughts in its own natural habitat. The victory goes to the one who is not in the water. Looking at it from higher vantage point of the trapped fish. The fisher of men is come to use bait and add water to the dirt. Making it harder for them to stand firm.  Having fun?  I AM. I so am- I AM THAT I AM. Who might you, be ?

Ben A. Fisher

Head of Design,

Can I see my pastor or Preacher washing my feet like Yeshua did? Its an important question to ask for those who really want to understand why Jesus and Jesus alone is the way the truth and the light.

Preach F. Teachers

Former Child

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