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I am little Interested

I know there are some things I can do differently, but people know me like this...

I have never read the Holy Bible did hear about it though.

I don't want to have to change anything about me.

II want to change everything about me

I can't say that I love me, I kinda do 

Other people opinions matter more than my own

Why does God let things happen to good people? 

How is this different then everything else? 

Do I have too...



I read the bible one or twice

I used to be into it but not like my mother, or grandmother.

I want to give it a try with fresh eyes

I can say that I do love myself

On a scale of 1 to 10, I'm about a 4 when helping myself and about a 9 helping others 

TI think Creativity is very important

I think of happier times and living a fulfilled life. 




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Baby's Grasp


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Epichlorohydrin rubber (ECO)

Polyacrylic rubber (ACM, ABR)

Silicone rubber (SI, Q, VMQ)

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