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Love SOS

Zomerica Shinger

Jun 25, 2022

Love charging station!

Hey, beloveds guess what, you are doing this because something so much bigger than you is guiding you. Leading you and assisting you. Loving you the whole way. Because you could be sleeping or playing hockey, but you are not you are here with us. Undertaking the greatest course correction in the history of the world. You can't mess up no one can. It cants even unfold in your timing. You are doing great and so is the entirety of this great team you are doing so fantastic. It's directed by something that can't make mistakes. The part you are playing is like a note in song. Your part is needed and appreciated beyond measure and compare. So is everyone else. You the person can get upset because it appears not one is listening or it's not happening like or when you want. But nor do babies come when they are expected. You dear friend are in the delivery room. Count your blessing. You could be in the parking lot. Looking for keys that's already in your hand. You are going your best and so is everyone else. Count the number of times this has happened ever. Yup that right this is the big leagues. ET's beings of non-physicality part of this is meant to be easy. It is meant to restore love. Thank you for playing for the pro love team. We got this! Thank you for your service and your love. For yourself, your family, your country or your cat. Love is what is fueling this and as long as it's there we will win its the strongest thing ever. Don't forget it!

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