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Dear Me,

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

I forgot to tell you I love you. Thank for giving when you did and sharing when you could have withheld. Thank you for the love you give to everyone and seldom get it return. I know you feel depleted sometime.... most times. You gave and didn't get back. You opened up and doors slammed in your face. I know. I love you.

But since God is love, God knows love and understand it. Maybe next time I will dedicate all my actions to being in service to you. I can't get hurt if what I do is not about me. I will give it to that whom it really belongs. Imagine the fish taking credit for the ocean. They swim in the ocean of possibility but is not the source of it. And the same is true with us. We have the choice to work with the greatest force in the Universe love itself to think that I alone deserve full praise for something I did in partnership with, is really why I got hurt. It was a lesson in humility. It's my job to love me no one else same is true with everyone else. Knowing this I won't overextend myself. Help where and when I can but save some love for me.

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