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Be of Good Cheer

Acts 27:25

Wherefore, sirs, be of good cheer: for I believe God, that it shall be even as it was told me.

And why should we be of Good Cheer, who can strike one who is in merriment and joy with calamity. How easy it is to walk over the retorts and cause for bitterness when happiness is allowed to be. On any other occasion where the bitterness of one man is soaked up like a sponge to another. Then suddenly all other like energetic commentaries are allowed in and all of a sudden bitterness become so real. Not because it is but because it is chosen. Once a man chooses to shower how can it be that water touches him not. Ponder it.

Be of good cheer. "Let no one come and take thy joy" for the moment it happens the flood gates will open, and so will there be a downing by sea of woes that are like a mirage in the desert; there only to those who are also there. For everyone else not at that location, it has no reality whatsoever. Be mindful of what energies ye entertain. For as be the case. All entertainment eventually comes to an end. And all that is left are stories. Be of good cheer, there alone be the place from which life and living are thusly born. And joy and happiness are thy very nature and all else is seen as false. Easily.

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