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Cell Phone Parable

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

To function your cellphone needs more than Apps to work properly, worldly minded folks think that only what they need to select and use at the moment is relevant.

No App would work without the back light of the screen. Seldom mentioned or talked about save for the desire to turn the brightness up or down. But there all day unnoticed; attached to but not effected by anything you do, see and say. Worldly minded people misplace its relevance. Pointing only to what can be seen. Missing the fact entirely that you cannot point to a working app on your phone, post or picture without also pointing to the light that is shared with it. Its overlook and instead a reference made to some more obvious. Not a higher absolute truth, but a small relative truth that lasts only for the length of the desire to use the app in question. Once it's over, out lived its usefulness, the apps relevance falls into phone use age time. Yet the light still enables you use other apps, make a phone call and so on and take pictures. Just because worldly minded folks only see apps because that's all they find relevant. Does not mean that's all to be seen. Or what they see is the only thing that's true, what's true then becomes not what other people say. But what you alone find relevant.

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