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Made Perfect

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

Here we will first begin with the Secret teaching of the Holy Bible. A teaching that is known and taught only by God and Gods true messengers of Light and love. The Secret teaching of the Bible is that you were made whole and Perfect. In that state of awareness, you lack and have a want for nothing. There is an understand that just God provides for animals on the see and on land. So are humans provided for. Save for one difference. The difference being that am animal due to instinct will not go down a road or consume something it knows will bring it harm. With instinct you don't have to listen to the humans, And that's the one thing that animals so much smarter. They listen to instinct and not words.

We have something like instincts and in fact it's called intuition. There was a time we relied on this more than the words people said to use. And then the man said that using your instincts was foolish and folklore. So, we listened to man more and more. and interestingly enough learned less and less ourselves and instead found ourselves running to one person perceived to know more after another. We were told things "dent just take my words for it; do your own research". Which of course was another ruse for it sent you right into the arms of another person most commonly one of their secret group members. But I digress. The point is not one was teaching you to get your own wisdom and how get it from within. As a matter of fact television show after television show spoke against this saying it be something supernatural of a sort or crazy when; when we came here this is was all we used...that is until school time.

Even after we would use it from time to time you would say "nope that person rubs me the wrong way". Or there is something off with that person's vibe. We use this and its is always right. You know when its wrong, when you go against. Even the elders used to say, "I should have followed my first mind". Of all the people who where "teaching", why not this how to access this for yourself in yourself so that you would not need no other only the God in you to lead and direct you. That answer is obvious is it not.

The point of it is you were made perfect. Your body was born in a place and in a world that could do against God by putting itself first. Your soul on the other hand has always been in the abode of God and whenever you are done pretending other wise you can return. And will be welcomed back because you never left you are but rejoining who and what you are already consciously. Not when it hurts or when its sad. But with an understanding that no matter what this is your true abode.

Man, and Worldly teachers.

Have said of the Bible:
If God is real why cant I see Him or Her.

Can you see your thoughts or the air you breathe, how about a microscopic microbe or hate; how about your paycheck on Thursday and you get paid on Friday. Can you see these things. No see the effects of them.

The Bible was written so long after Jesus walked the earth.

Has any stopped watching Jumanji after the transition/death of Robin Williams, have any just stopped listening to Prince or Michael Jackson, since their transition. No and for the same reason. What you do is what you do because of what it means to you. It has nothing to do with anyone else. Furthermore, all of these references takes all back to time where things were simpler. Where what you gave you got back. Where it was perfectly normal to help people in need and singing and dancing being in a state of joy and merriment just for the sake of it was common place. Interestingly enough all is this what Jesus taught then and teaches now.

Hebrews 13:8

Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today, and for ever.

Matthew 5:48

Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.

As it would turn out it is not an option, but a choose.

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