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Note to Source, God of the highest to whom deserves all praise!

We thank you Mother/ Father God of the highest, for being most graciously. We thank you for all that we have. But sometimes there is a pain. A pain that doesn't seem to go away, nagging like a lose string on the right arm of a shirt just above your reach but always in view. This is a life attempted to be lived without thy grace love and mercy. There are times Mother/Father God; It is really easy to just want this or that to make the pain the stop. Of course, that be the same course of action taken by any facing addictions who want not to heal but instead deal and cope and the addition is but pain management. Not a cure. There is no place in us that loves you not. we look at the smile of child and see you there. A cloud in the shape of anything, we think of your power and might. The rainbow stretching across the sprinklers as children play, how wonderous you are, and thank you for the promise made long ago. A call from the right person just when its needed how plentiful your mercy and your grace. There will never be a time where we praise you not, having lived without your presence doing things of ourselves and returning time and time again have left us fatigued and so we do those things no longer. We seek you and the truth of you in all things. As all things come from you are returned back to you. Where none but thy holiness can claim ownership of forever for it be thine kingdom and where there be thy kingdom you are not far from: as a matter of fact. You are right there. You have never left. How can eternity be gone. It cannot be, instead there is a seeking for something temporary. How silly of us to then get angry because it didn't last when we of ourselves left the permanence you allotted us. For another story, a different viewpoint, a different set of rules...another perspective. When we had if right the first time and all this every fall, every battle every hard lesson learned was one in which we learn that same truth over and over again. We write this to you God of the highest who doth deserve all praise to we shall praise forever and ever to say thank you for not forgetting about us. The mistake made being on our part; only that you would treat us the same way everyone else did. It's all we were taught, and we did not always seek correction. But now to know a love who sees not injury or self-inflicted wounds is so great. To think that the desire to stand with you seemed too troublesome and tiresome at some point. We look at life now without you; without understanding not of ourselves either but of you and our relationship with you and we are lost. We have decided to take no other counsel. We seek counsel from within for it is where you are. There is none higher on the outside so why even look. Outside influencers who seek not your spirit and truth only confuse and misinform; man can only know what he was taught. If he was not taught what then can he know. Spirit had been here being taught by eternity and it is here we seek wisdom. Your love the purest, thy truth sublime, thine grace is indeed sufficient, and we rejoice in it. No matter what the outside world doth dictates, projects, shows and depicts as real when you alone are. You alone are my home and with you we seek shelter. The words of man have lost all meaning when put up against the strongest light which is thine eternal greatness. Like a light bulb put up against the sun. How silly we were to think that we could ever compete. All our love we are of, and Christ Sananda and we pray you receive this in the bountiful love in which it was intended. We are thine children of the Highest and hope and pray that all actions, words, thought and deeds have but given you cause and reason to smile and be in jubilation. In deep love and devotions, we are of and Christ Sananda.

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