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Pronouncement from the Savior

We are the Children of God, Christs we are I Am Latoya Evans Gans, speaking for and in service to Mother/Father God the “Most High”, Sananda. Reporting dutifully and lovingly. That we are now in complete partnership and in oneness. We are wed, where wed go one, we go all. This is not to take away from the original ingenious statement and promise. By rather the divine expression and expansion of the same. We say thank you to Sananda God in Heaven and now through his/her children thrice Christ here on earth. Known as one Christ for we are all one. Just different expressions of that oneness in delight. The Holy trinity. Where three becomes one living proof of it. Sananda thusly stopped the Steal.

All praises to Sananda! Glory be to God of the Most High, Amen!

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