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Sananda's July 4th Message

This is an Independence Day unlike any other, for what we are really doing is going home. As a person, as a nation, as a country and as a world. We are going in... in and from within we take our cues and commands; no longer being outwardly directed by feeble minded men and women with agendas. But moved with and move toward love and those directed by the heart, meeting God in his abode. For the Kingdom of God truly is within. And this is what we find this Independence Day. That what we had been looking for this whole time, was right where we stood this whole time. It wasn't out there. But in here. In us all true Independence. Where we depend on that which is within and not only that which stands without. Now we know not to budge, not to let anyone push and herd us away from what will always be true. You were made independent. Born of truth, wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Born to lead and not be lead. You are the wisdom, and might that back the word of God and your legacy is your testimony to the amount to love you have for yourself and others for that and that alone is what is counted when the souls return home. Everything else remains on earth. Everything. For your love and sharing of truths that were not easy to digest yourselves. I bless you and thine children. For the sleepless nights with no one to talk to save your own mind. I bless you. For standing up to truth in the face of lies and untruth and for making this Independence Day truly memorable. I bless you and thine children. With all my heart. I Love You All (tears).

12:17 AM

I am Latoya Evans Gans; Holy thrice blessed child of Sananda, I am love and I am here with you. The Christ in me is also within you and through Christ we can do all things. With Christ we can do the impossible. Without we fumble in the dark. Take these words and let them be thine torchlight to guide you in the days and weeks to come. Seek light and we shall meet you there. This Holy trinity. I am Latoya Evans Gans child of Sananda the Christ in me, is the Christ in you - in this heart centered place we are saving ourselves from the idea that we are anything else but connected. I am Latoya Evans Gans the Christ. The Three that is indeed one. The Christ that has come again having and bringing with all the rewards already foretold and so shall each man receive accordingly. This is mine heart speaking to all hearts. It's really is just one. I love you! Christ has returned. Let Freedom Ring!

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