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Poetry Parable

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Life with Love

To Drink of the nectar of together,

spooned closely with all you remind me I am already

Love is better

To look into forever while watching the sky

knowing that somehow no matter how much I seemed to mess up

that sky is still being a sky for me and without it where...who would I be.

I am hardest on myself when I don't know which way to go

I mean I think I know and then I remember it's just something I heard someone else say

I didn't even stop to see if it still made sense. Where is the love in that?

I bow to all that is less in me, it wasn't something to hate but it was trying to show me who I really was this whole time. I was not that person I was being. I was fighting myself to be not myself. Because who I am in my truth. I was too afraid to be or do. So, I got comfortable being what someone else wanted me to do. This way if something went belly up...he told me to do it. The thing is when you do it for so long you forget what used to be there. And this is why we go to God. Because God never forgot why he created your soul. This important piece to the worlds puzzles you learned to put in bubble. Afraid that if someone saw you really saw you in your truth that bubble would pop. Well honey...maybe it's time. Maybe it's time to love you and allow love to present. If you are hiding from you, how can love to find you. When love made you. Love called you into existence self-hate has just been talking louder. Turn you your favorite love song and dance to rhythm of your heart. What if no one dances with me? Don't worry you have two feet you don't need fore. They will likely trip on you or you on them. Dance you teach with your feet and sway. Not yelling or the things you say. Dance and the world will dance with you. Only if you are not trying to make them. If you, are you make false friends and enemies. Dance just you because. You weren't even allowing yourself to be happy they were, and they didn't let you get in the way for one second. Dance, dance for all the times you said yes, when you really meant no. Dance because it's okay. You can be happy.

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