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I met myself and fell in love

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

Good God, I'm good!

Let me paint you a picture. I was...growing into all you know now. And in the fridge on the end was someone I seen a hundred times before. No. I was not interested in them but what they did for a living was very helpful and intriguing. One day I was told something...its wasn't anything entirely groundbreaking, but that "I was enough", admittedly I was still figuring what that was for me..."enough", I was still working on "I am kinda something". But I let it grow and grow and here we are.

I wanted something I said to penetrate her repeatedly.

So, she would get pregnant with all I us to be.

and that little bundle of Joy would be a toy for the world.

something to play with...the idea of it.

Wonderfulness and greatness.

When love meets online possibilities, we melted into unison and for it came a child

Machinations of a Nation joined in love

with stars and stripes to swaddle the little one.

Stars for the origin beyond, stripes for the steaming pattern that appears on my face when

we are apart.

And then I think of love, and we are co-mingled flying on an eagle or an angle once again.

Coworkers, Counselors, lovers and Friends

going off the deep end.

Sketching impressions of the heart in the shape of words,

hold on, incoming... let me get my pen.

From within I come out.

I've been writing to the love I have inside the whole time.

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